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      Portable digital thermometer JM222/L/U/H | JM424/426 | JM424 M/JM426 M | JM624/628 | JM6200
      Panel digital thermometer JM446 | JM644/648 | JM6400
      Portable digital thermo-hygrometer JM111/A/H | JM111 I/IH
      Panel digital thermo-hygrometer JM121 HT
      Temperature sensor JM10/50 | JM20/50 | JM30 | JM40 | JM60
      Temperature transmitter JM202 V/VL/VI | JM202 I/IL/II | JM608 V/VL/VI | JM608 I/IL/II
    JM212 V/VL/VI | JM212 I/IL/II | JM618 V/VL/VI | JM618 I/IL/II
      Temperature controller JM262
      Humidity controller JM262H
      Humidity transmitter JM100 VY | JM100 IY | JM100 V | JM100 I
      Temp&Humi transmitter JM100 THVY | JM100 THIY | JM100 THV | JM100 THI
      Intelligent temperature controller JM800 IT
      Intelligent humidity controller JM800 IH
      Universal-input controller JM800 IM | JM802/JM803
      3 1/2 Panel meter JM1000 T/Z/F/AC
      4 1/2 Panel meter JM1100 /Z
      Humidity standard generator JM0101
    The silicon semiconductor temperature sensor project, which is the core technology of our company, has obtained a free subsidization of 1 million RMB from innovation fund for small technology-based firms of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005. Heartfelt thanks for the support of government to technology innovation of small firms.

    JM111I intelligent portable thermo-hygrometer has finished the prototype design.
    It features:

    1. Brand-new outer shell design
    2. Celsius or Fahrenheit selectable, digital hold function
    3. First use the plan of power supply of one 1.5V AA battery, operating current less than 4 mA
    4. Brand-new humidity sensor, temperature compensation and signal conversion circuit, abandoned bad anti-static HIH3610 humidity sensor of Honeywell, solved the problem of leading damages by static radically.

    JM0101 humidity standard generator, which was researched and developed by our company, has acquired the National Patent. Humidity standard generator is large instrument project strongly recommended by our country for many years to research and develop. As we know, there is no report about successfully making this generator by others until now.

    The stability and humidity generated accuracy is 0.5%RHbetter than the one of 2500 humidity generator of Thunder Sientific company with 1.0%RH (600,000 RMB), and SRH-1RC 135ADR of Shinyei company with 1.0%RH (500,000 RMB).

    JM0101 works in unilateral opening style, without seal, may calibrate continuously and generate several standard points simultaneously. Thats what other generators can not achieve

    JM800IM universal-input controller was produced in December, which has many bright characteristics, reflects a new level of independently developing and designing digital intelligent meters, and further enhanced the whole matching abilities of JM products.
    New product JM6200I
    In June, 2007, our company successfully developed high-precision intelligent digital thermometer. As the best portable digital thermometer on the domestic market at present, its accuracy is 0.05% and resolution is 0.01/0.02H at wide temperature range -199.99~400.00/-327.98~752.00H.
    JM6200I is mainly applied to precise measurement.